We provide comprehensive industrial electrical services that include design, engineering, safety integration, automation and project management. These systems are helping organisations around Australia – and around the world – see increased safety, improved efficiency, and higher productivity.



When implementing innovative automation technologies into your facility, it is essential to maintain the highest possible safety standards in order to protect your employees, assets and preserve your credibility.

P.T. Automation Solutions provides all of the safety integration services necessary to increase the efficiency and productivity of your organisation by minimising the risk of injury and error. Complete Project Safety Focus.


P.T. Automation Solutions can provide comprehensive turnkey electrical and automation solutions whilst implementing the latest in technological innovations in order to best solve the application needs of any industry.

Our trained and experienced electrical engineering staff provide project management, leadership and support from the initial engineering conceptions and manufacturing through to the final implementation of the new electrical solutions. End to end Quality Assurance.


Industrial electrical contracting and system implementation encompasses sophisticated technology.

Our highly experienced and skilled electrical staff have the knowledge and resources necessary to provide system design, implementation, and maintenance for the complex and sophisticated electrical control systems and machinery that keep your facility operational.


Form 4B type 7 – 7000AMPS with 100kA FCR with full arc fault containment.

Designing and engineering custom control systems, control panels, motor control centres, switchrooms and switchboards is an area where our team of electrical engineers excels.

When we create an electrical solution for a client, we first listen to the specific needs of the business, and carefully design and engineer a custom solution for you.


Simply put, industrial networks provide the “brains” for the commercial automated electrical system. Industrial networking enables different automated systems and electrical components on a factory floor to be integrated with one another in order to achieve a larger company goal.

PLC & SCADA can be implemented in your facility in order to control your industrial electrical and electronic systems. You input your directions, and the automated system begins working toward your desired result.


Our team of industrial engineers will give your company the competitive advantage of having an electrical application, system, switchroom or switchboard custommade to your industry.

We do not just manufacture quality electrical control equipment; we pride ourselves on creating and designing innovative projects that completely satisfy the needs of our clients.

Our team of industrial engineers create competitive advantage of having an electrical application, system, switchroom or switchboard custom-made to your needs.


Why Choose P.T. Automation Solutions?

Our team is comprised of electrical contractors that are highly trained, with many years of experience. Within one organisation, you can access specialists from every field of industrial electrical contracting and automation.

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Turnkey Project

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