We provide comprehensive industrial electrical services that include design, engineering, safety integration, automation and project management. These systems are helping organisations around Australia – and around the world – see increased safety, improved efficiency, and higher productivity.


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Your Resource for Complete Turnkey Electrical and Automation Solutions

Imagine if your company no longer had to rely solely on manually controlled equipment and machinery in order to produce quality results. Consider the many possibilities and advantages of being able to move employees out of harm’s way, and instead have them operate sophisticated control systems and software programs via remote control stations? Thanks to advances in technology, and completely automated electrical systems, you can make this dream a reality.

Custom Electrical Switchboards and Turnkey Electrical Solutions are Our Specialty

Businesses from every industry have turned to P.T. Automation Solutions for quality, custom electrical switchboards. Our switchboard fabrication team can design and produce a wide variety of sophisticated high-performance electrical systems for your business that includes:

  • Fully type tested with arc fault containmentCustom motor control centres (MCCs) 100KA 7000 A
  • DCS & PLC control panels
  • Local control stations and marshalling cubicles
  • Fully type tested with arc fault containment Electrical switchboards (with 100kA fault current rating, 7000 A)
  • Portable Switchrooms, complete with all control equipment completely cabled and FAT ready for site installation and operation

Some History

Founder, Peter Taylor established P.T. Automation Solutions Pty. Ltd. in March 2000. Previously, Peter worked in the field of industrial automation, strengthening businesses throughout a wide area of industries, including mining, material handling, food and beverage, steel, as well as countless others.

After seeing the many valuable applications of electrical engineering and automation first hand, Peter decided to create a company that would provide all of the comprehensive system design and integration services businesses and government agencies need to succeed in the modern world.

Innovative Developments

Throughout, Peter has maintained a determination to advance switchboard technology, though innovative developments and applications.

One recent success has been the new IP66* | ABCD modular compact arc fault containment outdoor switchboard; NATA lab certified for arc-fault containment under IEC/TR 61641:2014 and tested to AS/NZS 61439.1.  Read More About ABCD Switchboard 

P.T. Automation Solutions focuses its efforts on enabling industrial, commercial, and government organisations to improve the quality and efficiency of their electrical systems. This may be through the development of safety integration, system integration or the implementation of custom electrical switchboards, switchrooms or control panels. Regardless of the unique needs of the industry or company, the specialists and highly experienced engineers on our team will have the answers.

Key to P.T. Automation Solutions success is our commitment to maintaining high standards for workplace health and safety.  We also proudly maintain a very inclusive and encouraging work environment; as an equal opportunity employer, we welcome all members of the community to join our team.

In addition to safety, quality is also one of our highest priorities. All of our products and services are fully compliant with the AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008, which is the internationally recognized standard for commitment to quality management. Our ISO 9001:2008 certificate number is A10414.

To learn more about our automation company, and the services we provide, we invite you to contact us directly.

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