We provide comprehensive industrial electrical services that include design, engineering, safety integration, automation and project management. These systems are helping organisations around Australia – and around the world – see increased safety, improved efficiency, and higher productivity.


Custom Type Tested Electrical Switchboards

Form 4B type 7 – 7000AMPS with 100kA FCR with full arc fault containment

Designing and engineering custom control systems ,control panels, motor control centres, switchrooms and switchboards is an area where our team of electrical engineers excels. When we create an electrical solution for a client, we first listen to the specific needs of the business, and carefully design and engineer a custom solution for you.

Once the control panels, motor control centres, switchboards and switchrooms are manufactured, they go through exhaustive quality assurance and testing procedures until they meet industry standards, and our exceedingly high standards for efficiency and performance. As our client, you can always rest assured that you will be receiving a quality product.

Our types of custom electrical systems include:

  • DCS & PLC panels
  • Control panels
  • Custom type-tested with arc fault containment motor control centres (MCCs) and distribution boards
  • Marshalling cubicles
  • Local control stations
  • Completed switchrooms housing the control equipment

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