We provide comprehensive industrial electrical services that include design, engineering, safety integration, automation and project management. These systems are helping organisations around Australia – and around the world – see increased safety, improved efficiency, and higher productivity.


Electrical Services

P.T. Automation Solutions can provide comprehensive turnkey electrical and automation solutions whilst implementing the latest in technological innovations in order to best solve the application needs of any industry. Our highly trained electrical engineering staff provide project management, leadership and support from the initial engineering conceptions and manufacturing through to the final implementation of the new electrical solutions.

Over the years, P.T. Automation Solutions has successfully implemented custom state-of-the-art switchboards, control panels, switchrooms and system electrical automation applications for many different industries, including:

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and beverage
  • Machine Building
  • Steel
  • And many others

Our industrial electrical engineering services include:

Custom Type Tested Electrical Switchboards

Form 4B type 7 – 7000AMPS with 100kA FCR with full arc fault containment

Designing and engineering custom control systems ,control panels, motor control centres, switchrooms and switchboards is an area where our team of electrical engineers excels. When we create an electrical solution for a client, we first listen to the specific needs of the business, and carefully design and engineer a custom solution for you.

Once the control panels, motor control centres, switchboards and switchrooms are manufactured, they go through exhaustive quality assurance and testing procedures until they meet industry standards, and our exceedingly high standards for efficiency and performance. As our client, you can always rest assured that you will be receiving a quality product.

Our types of custom electrical systems include:

  • DCS & PLC panels
  • Control panels
  • Custom type-tested with arc fault containment motor control centres (MCCs) and distribution boards
  • Marshalling cubicles
  • Local control stations
  • Completed switchrooms housing the control equipment

Not sure what type of electrical system would best benefit your business? Contact our team of engineers to receive expert design and concept recommendations.

Industrial Electrical Contractors

Industrial electrical contracting and system implementation encompasses sophisticated technology. Our highly experienced and skilled electrical staff have the knowledge and resources necessary to provide design, implementation, and maintenance for the complex and sophisticated electrical systems and machinery that keep your facility operational.

Receive All-inclusive Electrical Engineering Support

Regardless of the current status of your project, our engineers can help with anything from:

  • The design and creation of schematics and system drawings
  • Upgrading unsafe or obsolete electrical equipment
  • Manufacture of latest technology type tested arc fault containment motor control centres, switchboards, control panels or other custom equipment
  • Project management
  • System installation, implementation, software and commissioning
  • Design and implementation of switchroom solutions

One of the greatest advantages of working with our industrial electrical staff is that you will have access to electrical engineering professionals who have experience working with businesses across diverse industries. These specialists have seen what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. We have electrical supervisors that hold surface coal mining competency clearances of S1, S2, and S3. Whatever your electrical engineering needs may be, we have electrical staff who can provide you with valuable assistance.

Electrical Engineering, CAD & EPlan

At P.T. Automation Solutions, we do not just manufacture pieces of electrical equipment; we pride ourselves on creating and designing innovative projects that completely satisfy the needs of our clients. Our team of industrial engineers will give your company the competitive advantage of having an electrical application, system, switchroom or switchboard custom-made to your industry.

Our design and engineering services include : conception, design, scheduling, project management, software, installation, commissioning and testing. We aim to keep our clients completely satisfied from start to finish.

The electrical engineering and design services provided by P.T. Automation Solutions include:

  • Electrical design using AutoCAD and EPlan
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Single line diagrams and control schematics
  • As built drawings and manuals

PLC & SCADA Programming Plus Industrial Networks

Simply put, industrial networks provide the “brains” for the commercial automated electrical system. Industrial networking enables different automated systems and electrical components on a factory floor to be integrated with one another in order to achieve a larger company goal. PLC & SCADA can be implemented in your facility in order to control your industrial electrical and electronic systems. You input your directions, and the automated system begins working toward your desired result.

The types of advanced industrial networking technologies utilized by P.T. Automation Solutions include:

  • PLC software programming & design
  • SCADA software programming & design
  • HMI software programming & design

The software programs we commonly use include:

  • RSLogix 500 & 5000
  • Siemens S7
  • Modicon
  • RSView
  • Citect
  • WinCC

As our electrical engineers have experience working with companies and government agencies that operate within a wide variety of industries, we will be able to recommend the industrial control systems that will best meet the needs and goals of your organisation.

Safety Integration

When implementing innovative automation technologies into your facility, it is essential to maintain the highest possible safety standards in order to protect your employees, assets and preserve your credibility. P.T. Automation Solutions provides all of the safety integration services necessary to increase the efficiency and productivity of your organisation by minimising the risk of injury and error.

We utilize technologies provided by automation companies that have shown a strong commitment to increasing safety. These include:

  • Rockwell Safety
  • PILZ Safety

We will also perform various safety assessments in order to determine:

  • Safety design
  • Safety concept
  • AS/NZ compliance

In order to be considered compliant, the electrical automation system is assessed based upon risk. Before receiving the safety mark of approval, the industrial system must prove to pose a minimal risk to personnel and company assets. Our team is highly knowledgeable of the safety assessment processes, and can help you ensure that your facility meets the necessary standards.

To learn more about our services, or to receive a quote for your electronic contracting or automation project, please contact our offices.

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