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IP66* | ABCD Modular Compact Outdoor Switchboard


Introducing the first arc-flash containment modular outdoor switchboard system, NATA tested and certified, fully designed, developed & manufactured in Australia.   Arc-Blast Containment & Diffusion technology#

PTAS, motivated by the new AS/NZS 61439.1 switchboard testing standards, new WH&S accountability legislation and our customers’ desire to make low voltage outdoor electrical control switchboards safer, took the initiative and made the investment to develop this new benchmark product.

Eliminating the risk and danger from Arc-Blasts

While reported arc fault incidents are not as frequent as other electrical accidents, they represent, by far, the most significant damage, in both economic and human outcomes.

The result of an arc fault is a massive electrical explosion with unpredictable characteristics. Unless safely contained, the incident energy has the capacity to blow the doors off switchboards, send loosened equipment, machinery shrapnel and hot toxic gases to cause major injuries to people nearby; sometimes death.

Containing the arc-flash and Diffusing its energy

The technology developed and applied by PTAS to contain the destructive components of the arc-flash and arc-blast is incorporated in the design of its ABCD Modular Compact Outdoor switchboard.

PTAS has re-engineered the outdoor switchboard to contain the arc-flash and blast energy of the explosion inside the switchboard at the escutcheon level and diffuse energy internally. Modern risk mitigation thinking.

Improved Safety

By engineering out the risk, employers are less reliant on their outdoor staff to do the right thing and wear correct standard of PPE, especially at remote regional sites.

The ABCD design approach of making the escutcheon the primary blast barrier increases the isolation of the arc-blast hazard from people working on or near a board.

Switchboards in very public spaces, like parks, footpaths and shopping areas, now offer greater public safety. Large (expensive) exclusion zones required with old designs can be reduced, with less disruption.

Increased Productivity

Designing for easy access now makes it safe for maintenance and operating staff to work from the switchboard internal escutcheons, without shutdown nor requiring attendance of registered electricians.

Systems can be safely kept on-line during maintenance. Less downtime.

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#Patent App 20180511

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