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PT Automation Solutions have been involved in many projects over the years both in the global and local
markets. One of the most interesting has been a project involved with a major packaging manufacture
Hirsch Servo.

PT’s were contracted to design and build the electrical system for a world first EPS pallet manufacturing

With the enormous need and focus to save the worlds precious resources it has never been more important than now to design and build 100% recyclable packaging solutions.

PT Automation Solutions are very proud to be a part of this world first project and look forward to working
with Hirsch in making this a success for many years to come.
The article below was taken from the Hirsch Servo site, if you are having trouble reading the small text
please find a larger text version below.

HIRSCH Servo AG: In-House Development Paves the Way for Entry into Pallet Sector The market for transport
packaging is currently seeing many changes. Trends in pallets are towards sustainable reusable systems made of wood or, to an increasing extent, alternative materials. Experts reckon some 850 million new pallets are produced annually worldwide with alternative materials accounting for about ten percent. Of this figure, around 18 million are plastic pallets. They are used in many different industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and electronics, for temperature sensitive and high quality products, airfreight, etc.

Following a year’s development work, HIRSCH is now rolling out the prototype of a fully automatic pallet
manufacturing facility. It is scheduled to be production ready by the end of 2007. The unique production
process developed by HIRSCH maximizes flexibility and cost efficiency in manufacturing a new composite pallet using polystyrene. Thanks to its properties, the premium HIRSCH pallet is suitable for the most demanding solutions. It has been certified by the Institute of Distribution and Handling in Dortmund to ÖNORM EN ISO 8611-1 and a patent is pending.

Over the next few years, the HIRSCH Servo Group intends to operate an increasing number of HIRSCH pallet
plants. A HIRSCH pallet manufacturing facility has a capacity of around 300,000 pallets/year and the allets are 100% recyclable.

The next date on the financial calendar is October 18, 2007 when the balance sheet press conference and
the analysts’ and investors’ meeting will be held.

*The HIRSCH Servo Group is the EPS specialist on the Vienna Stock Exchange with manufacturing facilities in
Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Italy and Romania. EPS products (EPS stands for expandable polystyrene
and is better known under the brand name of Porozell®) support a variety of functions, including climate
protection and energy savings, as well as sustainable and eco-friendly growth. Their wide-ranging
applications cover packaging, shape-molded parts, building insulation, modular boards for underfloor
heating, construction blocks and Thermozell® lightweight

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