We provide comprehensive industrial electrical services that include design, engineering, safety integration, automation and project management. These systems are helping organisations around Australia – and around the world – see increased safety, improved efficiency, and higher productivity.


Safety Integration

When implementing innovative automation technologies into your facility, it is essential to maintain the highest possible safety standards in order to protect your employees, assets and preserve your credibility. P.T. Automation Solutions provides all of the safety integration services necessary to increase the efficiency and productivity of your organisation by minimising the risk of injury and error.

We utilize technologies provided by automation companies that have shown a strong commitment to increasing safety. These include:

  • Rockwell Safety
  • PILZ Safety


We will also perform various safety assessments in order to determine:

  • Safety design
  • Safety concept
  • AS/NZ compliance


In order to be considered compliant, the electrical automation system is assessed based upon risk. Before receiving the safety mark of approval, the industrial system must prove to pose a minimal risk to personnel and company assets. Our team is highly knowledgeable of the safety assessment processes, and can help you ensure that your facility meets the necessary standards.

To learn more about our services, or to receive a quote for your electronic contracting or automation project, please contact our offices.

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