2019 Winner for Innovation in Busienss Excellence Awards

Winning the 2019 Mayor’s Innovation Award is a highly appreciated reward from hashtagMayorTomTate for our team, who for two years have worked together to use innovation as a catalyst to transform our company.

The irony is that we also (genuinely) thank the City of Gold Coast for providing the motivation. In 2017 PTAS lost a multi million electrical and controls supply contract to the CoGC that was a huge blow to the company and forced hashtagPTAS to turn our focus away from local work and pursue other avenues to succeed.

Where we couldn’t compete with the balance sheet of the winning competitor, we could turn to innovation agility to raise the bar on safety and quality. R&D investments typically return 20:1 ROI. Since PTAS started this innovation journey our sales, profits and employee numbers have grown in multiples.

One of the benefits of investing in Innovation at PTAS at the time of losing the CoGC contract, was to create a positive focus for all involved in the turnaround.  We believed in ourselves and our ideas.  It just took money and time, both of which were not plentiful.

The technologies work, we’ve been awarded a patent and now we’d like to extend the applications and the design.. just needs time & money !!! Having a receptive and supportive customers ensures R&D can be commercialised faster. It becomes a collaboration focused on improving the safety of the public and utilities workers.

We now capability supply many regional utilities who value our quality projects and leadership in safety. It was gratifying to share the celebration with our infrastructure industry friends, hashtagGandenEngineering, hashtagPensarUtilities and hashtagEngenuitySolutions. These businesses are also at the top of their professions, together we offer the Gold Coast an untapped comprehensive local supply collaboration.

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