HISTORY: Founded in 2000 by Peter Taylor

P.T. Automation Solutions  Pty Ltd is an electrical contracting and engineering company that operates across multiple disciplines.

It was founded in 2000 by Peter Taylor, who had left the highly successful Convey-A-Controls company he co-founded in South Africa in 1987. Convey-A-Controls undertook turnkey projects in many different fields including the food and beverage, petrochemical, mining, pharmaceutical, refrigeration and steel industries.

They were system integrators and preferred panel builders for Schneider South Africa, Rockwell and Siemens who have and continue to extensively use their standard switchboard products, variable speed drives and automation products.

P.T. Automation Solutions retains and has expanded these relationships with Schneider, Rockwell and other high value partners. PTAS specializes in high value, industrial and public infrastructure standard electrical control systems.

The company manufactures in Nerang, Gold Cost with new offices in Brisbane. Almost all of its work delivered to other regions, some exported internationally.

In 2017 the company recognised further potential in new markets that required a step-up in its management systems and operational processes.


P.T. Automation Solutions will be recognised by its customers to be a market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of innovative switchboards and complete turnkey electrical control solutions for industrial and infrastructure applications requiring high reliability, quality and safety standards.


P.T. Automation Solutions will provide excellence in our technology, products and services by embracing innovative ideas, employing great people, who are well trained, using advanced technology effectively to deliver on all our promises, to delivery high quality, reliable outcomes cost effectively.

We guarantee customer satisfaction.


The core values we share determine the priorities of PTAS. They support our vision and shape culture of our company. Values are the essence of PTAS’s identity – our principles, beliefs and philosophies. These core values guide the decision-making process.

Customer Focused

Customer satisfaction comes first, our reputation will grow the business.

Respectful & Supportive

Developing and maintaining ethical and positive relationships is how we earn respect.

Community Minded 

We are work for a better community by engaging in local activities, training and employing good people.

Efficient & Competitive 

Thinking lean eliminates wasted resources making us a more competitive business partner.

Honest, Fair & Reliable 

Our communications will be honest, so we reliably deliver our commitment on time – on budget.

Stay In Contact

PTAS would like to keep you informed on our recent projects, new product innovations, people and commentary on industry issues.