Purchase & Supply Terms

Supply:   PTAS is still a believer in “our word is our bond“, which means we will do our very best to deliver what we promise. We also live in the real commercial world of changing contract legislation, participants and circumstances, so we make all our Offers to Supply in good faith, supported by documented T&Cs. 

Purchasing:   PTAS does not operate a separate procurement group, we rely on old fashioned (earned) trusted supplier relationships with people who are accountable for delivery of our projects; at quality, on-time and on-budget. Best when both parties develop a trust over time by learning and supporting each other’s needs and business objectives. Price is NOT our primary driver, our business relies on having good relationships with reliable, value for money suppliers.

Terms and Conditions

Supply: By default PTAS Terms and Conditions of Offer & Supply applies to all quotations, offers and tenders submitted or passed to prospective Buyers, verbally or in writing.

Naturally, PTAS’s priority is to negotiate a workable and durable relationship that works for both parties. Our sales and tendering team are always keen to discuss and accomodate all reasonable client requests, and will review any proposed contract T&Cs provided by our clients.

Purchasing: Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase of Goods and Services apply to all purchases unless specified preferred supplier agreements or project contract terms prevail.

Terms & Conditions for Subcontractors apply to Subcontracts entered into with PTAS for supplying project specific Works of significant value where the timely execution of quality outcomes impacts PTAS ability to deliver its commitment to clients.

PTAS is keen to discuss strategic partnership relationships and delighted to negotiate preferred supplier arrangements on mutually beneficial terms, and these are honoured.

PTAS will also negotiate project specific contracts for the supply of subcontract goods and services. Such contacts will be consistent with AS4902-2000, General Conditions for Design and Construct.


Standard Terms and Conditions of Offer and Supply 

Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase of Goods and Services 

Terms & Conditions for Subcontractors 

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