Innovative electrical services company hires more ‘bright sparks’

Following the successful launch of their new, safer, award-winning outdoor switchboards, PT Automation Solutions (PTAS) has increased its workforce to keep up with demand; seven apprentices and growing.

The company’s recently released IP66 / IP56 modular compact outdoor switchboard range is the brainchild of electrical engineer Peter Taylor, founder of P.T. Automation Solutions (PTAS), an emerging industrial and infrastructure electrical services engineering firm based in Queensland. It became the first in Australia to gain NATA certification for a safer outdoor switchboard design which they developed, tested and now manufacture. It significantly reduces the incidence of serious burn injuries resulting from hundreds of extremely dangerous arc fault explosions which occur throughout Australia each year.

Their patent-pending Arc-Blast Containment & Diffusion (ABCD) compact, modular design is ideally suited to switchboards in public spaces, like parks, municipal infrastructure and shopping areas. Not surprisingly, they have become especially sought after by public utilities and local government engineering services who are fully aware of the dangers presented by the many existing outdoor switchboards under their control.

PTAS is also conscious of a need to introduce more skilled tradespeople to the industry. Hiring talented and interested adult and youth apprentices continues.

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