Strategic Collaboration

PTAS seeks to work with its suppliers, customers and research organisations in strategic partnerships to develop new technologies, new products and applications in electrical control engineering.

Hirsh (Austria) – Vacuum forming pallet making line.

Between 2001 – 2009 PTAS worked with a local innovator who was seeking experienced controls input into the development of a process, and machinery, to manufacture a styrene foam laminate pallet.

PTAS applied its manufacturing knowledge and experience to research and develop a control system to support the technologies being applied to this innovative concept. Once tested the entire plant was exported to Austria and commissioned.

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NHP – Modular Transportable HV-LV & Controls Switchroom

Working with NHP, PTAS undertook the detailed design, manufacture and a 26m prefabricated switchroom containing HV, LV and controls for Boyne Aluminium smelter. PTAS is a long-term NHP/CUBIC partner.

The switchroom was built, fitted out with all of the LV protection, motor starters, VSDs, distribution boards, ControlLogix ® PLC platform at PTAS, then tested prior to road transport to Gladstone, QLD for commissioning.

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