To support both our business expansion and develop our next generation of managers, the company invests in training programs at all levels; apprentices, interns and professional training.


The nature and structure of PTAS business provides an ideal environment for electrical fitter / mechanic training. Our manufacturing workshop provides a solid grounding in industrial switchboards and control systems, as well as fundamental electrical safety. With experience senior and adult apprentices are rotated with our site installation and construction teams.

We are proud to say that many of our apprentices also achieve high academic results in their theory work.


PTAS also provides access program for upcoming professional engineers. With the changing landscape of engineering training we offer essential hands-on workshop and design office training for aspiring electrical engineers. As the business develops we will expand this program.

Professional Development

To ensure we have the right skills and experience for PTAS future, we provide have a supported program for our ‘Next Generation Management Team’. These are individually tailored programs that include Electrical Licences, Business Management, Project Management, Workplace Health & Safety, Lean Manufacturing  diplomas and certificates.

Senior management provide ongoing mentoring and support.

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Our design and engineering services include : conception, design, scheduling, project management, software, installation, commissioning and testing.

We aim to keep our clients completely satisfied from start to finish.

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