Designing for Arc Fault Containment in Modern Switchboards

  • Safety in Design – for the whole life cycle.

Our White Paper challenges five principles lie at the heart of current industry arc fault incident safety thinking;

  1. Energy intensity exposure need only to be limited to survivable 2nddegree burns.
  2. What we determine today as OK, applies for the life of the asset.
  3. Smart devices can reliably limit the incident energy.
  4. Arc flash incidents don’t happen that often.
  5. People will do the right thing, following their safety rules and wearing their PPE.

National and State legislation that sets decision making standards for directors and officers of organisations has paralleled increased community expectations of WHSE within and beyond the workplace. High profile incidents, like Dreamworld in 2016, have raised the bar for protecting the public, by introducing “industrial manslaughter” into our governance consideration.

Engineers have a range of methods (and standards) to establish, by calculation, designs that ensure adequate reasonable protection from arc flash incidents, sufficient to protect decision-makers from legal redress.

However PTAS believe that our priority should be protecting people and assets into the future, not ticking the box to just meet today’s standards.


Download Safety in Design – Arc Fault Containment White Paper