2018-19 Trainee Engineers

PTAS are training their future engineers from the ground up.  In 2017-18 we tested ourselves with two young men who were heading off to university to start their engineering degrees. This year we set up the foundations of a three stage training program, along the lines of the old ‘engineering cadetships’; these students undertake paid work with PTAS as often as they can to learn from experienced trades, TA’s and professional engineers. Our ‘contract’ with them is to step them through at least three areas of essential hands on experience;

  1. Manufacturing Workshop
  2. Design Engineering Office
  3. Site Construction

Each year they can  gain 200 hours of experience, which is many times more than the minimum required these days. These young engineers will graduate with far more relevant and valuable experience than their peers. PTAS encourage other SME firms to join us to train for our  future.


Wanted; More Engineering Cadets…

Training Future Engineers